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2.3.4U.Price Indexes for Personal Consmptn Expnd by Major type Product & by Major
1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.3.5U.Personal Consmptn Expnd by Major type Product & by Major Function1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.3.6U.Real Personal Consmptn Expnd by Major type Product & by Major Function1999-13 Oct 1999-13 q3 1999-12
2.4.3U.Real Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product Quantity Indexes1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.4.4U.Price Indexes for Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.4.5U.Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.4.6U.Real Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product Chained $s1999-13 Oct 1999-13 q3 1999-12

Table 2.3.5U. Personal Consumption Expenditures by Major Type of Product and by Major Function .   Quarterly (igrp=21)
  BEA published 2013-December-6.   This file written 12/10/2013 11:09:16 PM.
  FULL DATA HERE (csv) -> nipa_2__3__5uq.csv   Data from 1959 I to 2013 III. LOC 39 variables.

  Monthly     Quarterly     Yearly  
ivar-gang code Quarterly range
all data (csv)
2013.3 2013.2 2013.1 2012.4 2012.3 2012.2 2012.1 2011.4 2011.3 2011.2 2011.1 Var
Personal consumption expenditures by
major function (From NIPA table 2.5.5):
Personal consumption expenditures by
major function (From NIPA table 2.5.5):
1957 4/18   DPCERC0......Personal consumption expenditures
1959-2013 q31152275711427133113791781128550211193631111002011101908110878897107786121066255110527118......Personal consumption expenditures (PCE)
2958 2/12   DGDSRC0Goods1959-2013 q339084343848496385178338261263784935373844937293453668217362231335881673532166Goods
3959 2/12   DDURRC0..Durable goods1959-2013 q312733581257467124483112306841206496118928911843061158928112901711166281115080..Durable goods
4960 2/12   DMOTRC0....Motor vehicles and parts1959-2013 q3427553421657421299415107401812394639395398384380363371358563368666....Motor vehicles and parts
5961 2/12   DFDHRC0....Furnishings and durable household
1959-2013 q3288670284722280654277887276228273320273040266675261737258238253724....Furnishings and durable household equipment
6962 2/12   DREQRC0....Recreational goods and vehicles1959-2013 q3351452346345342283339932336084332206329907325730321510319551317803....Recreational goods and vehicles
7963 2/12   DODGRC0....Other durable goods1959-2013 q3205683204743200595197758192372189124185961182143182399180276174887....Other durable goods
8964 2/12   DNDGRC0..Nondurable goods1959-2013 q326350762591029260695225954422578439254916025450392509289249329624715392417086..Nondurable goods
9965 4/18   DFXARC0..Food and beverages purchased for
..off-premises consumption
1959-2013 q3886476877647878900871794865965860950854348845221839908831180815638..Food and beverages purchased for off-premises consumption
10966 2/12   DCLORC0....Clothing and footwear1959-2013 q3363610362789360021357360357059352132351980345344339476337316331061....Clothing and footwear
11967 2/18   DGOERC0....Gasoline and other energy goods1959-2013 q3409943391697418314421583419527410107416908411166417185414313393113....Gasoline and other energy goods
12968 2/12   DONGRC0....Other nondurable goods1959-2013 q3975047958896949717944705935888925971921803907558896727888730877274....Other nondurable goods
13969 2/12   DSERRC0Services1959-2013 q376143237578637752739574593767408696736175272897367210680715629970743846994952Services
14970 2/12   DHCERC0..Household consumption expenditures
..(for services)
1959-2013 q373225997290228724364171596147117200707126770095236931627687156667987976722718..Household consumption expenditures (for services)
15971 2/12   DHUTRC0....Housing and utilities1959-2013 q320806652082582206584920294142029529201392719826591979460197588419521981935935....Housing and utilities
16972 2/18   DHLCRC0....Health care1959-2013 q319143141902851188921618725051855906183594718262221796932176828217638981741981....Health care
17973 2/18   DTRSRC0....Transportation services1959-2013 q3326526322773324164319793318926318149315549314031310858306799301241....Transportation services
18974 2/12   DRCARC0....Recreation services1959-2013 q3426373422843423401419011419237415201412779405945403091399076390745....Recreation services
19975 4/18   DFSARC0..Food services and accommodations1959-2013 q3735231732874725578717228703392698195688061674944665775654105639917..Food services and accommodations
20976 4/18   DIFSRC0..Financial services and insurance1959-2013 q3850676841952835060824155817855821293820895813271810775792060788167..Financial services and insurance
21977 2/12   DOTSRC0....Other services1959-2013 q3988814984353980373977508972355968555963358947044936901930661924732....Other services
22978 4/18   DNPIRC0Final consumption expenditures of
nonprofit institutions serving
households (NPISHs)1
1959-2013 q3291724288409283754299762291496290485280213279053284733275587272234Final consumption expenditures of nonprofit institutions serving households (NPISHs)
23979 4/18   DNPERC0..Gross output of nonprofit institutions21959-2013 q312355701227202120990012124811202729118540511758891157400114212411395831127261..Gross output of nonprofit institutions
24980 4/18   DNPSRC0..Less: Receipts from sales of goods
..and services by nonprofit institutions3
1959-2013 q3943846938793926146912719911233894920895676878347857391863996855027..Less: Receipts from sales of goods and services by nonprofit institutions
25981 2/12   DPCCRC0..PCE excluding food and energy41959-2013 q3100086379924857985330097883699691850961548495492289410470929645991976559099656..PCE excluding food and energy
26982 2/12   DNRGRC0..Energy goods and services51959-2013 q3627644624629646978625339635816623767615505623206642245633716611824..Energy goods and services
27983 2/12   DPCMRC0..Market-based PCE61987-2013 q3102290581014743410109115100098369927496983726497619429636850954099294431469313312..Market-based PCE
28984 2/12   DPCXRC0..Market-based PCE excluding food and
1987-2013 q387153388645586858371785132498426291835311582926058168856805921079785927886195..Market-based PCE excluding food and energy
29985 2/6   DPHCRC0Household consumption expenditures71959-2013 q31123103211138728110954211098573810902134108097151073886510599846104938771038696310254881Household consumption expenditures
30986 2/6   DCAFRC0..Clothing footwear and related services1959-2013 q3378822378019375544373291373316368428368225361276355183352867346501..Clothing footwear and related services
31987 2/6   DHUFRC0..Housing utilities and fuels1959-2013 q321037872106727209351720560162056786204071920086882008383200479319815981966370..Housing utilities and fuels
32988 2/6   DFHHRC0..Furnishings household equipment and
..routine household maintenance
1959-2013 q3479935473879468890463866460301455395453798444274437194431988424569..Furnishings household equipment and routine household maintenance
33989 2/6   DHLTRC0..Health1959-2013 q323759862351163232994623109702289537226514422531212218482218238821721662146063..Health
34990 2/6   DTRNRC0..Transportation1959-2013 q311409011111983113611011298801113008109610111018271080654106250610502741032583..Transportation
35991 2/6   DCMCRC0..Communication1959-2013 q3272540271581272093271175265683263312259883254679254576250103246513..Communication
36992 2/6   DRRLRC0..Recreation1959-2013 q31004045994299989162978721972956960276952823937328926752918795905557..Recreation
37993 2/6   DEDURC0..Education1959-2013 q3287606285231281173278434276269273337270135266431262513257891254265..Education
38994 2/6   DOISRC0..Other goods and services1959-2013 q3771666768525764250764842757617751629746178736567733605730716719702..Other goods and services
39995 2/6   DNFTRC0..Net foreign travel and expenditures
..abroad by U.S. residents
1959-2013 q3-56637-55153-54799-54631-50553-45065-39115-41669-42089-36776-30968..Net foreign travel and expenditures abroad by U.S. residents
1. Net expenses of NPISHs defined as their gross operating expenses less primary
sales to households.
to government and to the rest of the world; excludes own-account investment
2. Gross output is net of unrelated sales secondary sales and sales to business
(construction and software).
3. Excludes unrelated sales secondary sales and sales to business to government
and to the rest of the world; includes membership dues and fees.
food services which include purchased meals and beverages are not classified
4. Food consists of food and beverages purchased for off-premises consumption;
as food.
5. Consists of gasoline and other energy goods and of electricity and gas services.
6. Market-based PCE is a supplemental measure that is based on household expenditures
for which there are observable price measures.  It excludes most imputed transactions
(for example financial services furnished without payment) and the final consumption
expenditures of nonprofit institutions serving households.
nonprofit institutions and the rest of the world.
7. Consists of household purchases of goods and services from business government