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2.3.4U.Price Indexes for Personal Consmptn Expnd by Major type Product & by Major
1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.3.5U.Personal Consmptn Expnd by Major type Product & by Major Function1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.3.6U.Real Personal Consmptn Expnd by Major type Product & by Major Function1999-13 Oct 1999-13 q3 1999-12
2.4.3U.Real Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product Quantity Indexes1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.4.4U.Price Indexes for Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.4.5U.Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product1959-13 Oct 1959-13 q3 1959-12
2.4.6U.Real Personal Consmptn Expnd by type Product Chained $s1999-13 Oct 1999-13 q3 1999-12

Table 2.3.6U. Real Personal Consumption Expenditures by Major Type of Product and by Major Function .   Yearly (igrp=22)
  BEA published 2013-December-6.   This file written 12/10/2013 11:09:16 PM.
  FULL DATA HERE (csv) -> nipa_2__3__6uy.csv   Data from 1999 yr to 2012 yr. LOC 39 variables.

  Monthly     Quarterly     Yearly  
ivar-gang code Yearly range
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2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 Var
Personal consumption expenditures by
major function (From NIPA table 2.5.6):
Personal consumption expenditures by
major function (From NIPA table 2.5.6):
1996 2/9   DPCERX0......Personal consumption expenditures
1999-2012105176051029130910035856984293999992431003554098148749527791920564488661708600363......Personal consumption expenditures (PCE)
2997 1/6   DGDSRX0Goods1999-201235341133419922330865131984443297792338176332925293177160305192129044512770177Goods
3998 1/6   DDURRX0..Durable goods1999-201212467351157111108565810233181083235114166210915451046946992924917639856587..Durable goods
4999 1/6   DMOTRX0....Motor vehicles and parts1999-2012363977339404323406317058340814392789385132399996405492394574383313....Motor vehicles and parts
51000 1/6   DFDHRX0....Furnishings and durable household
1999-2012292766275971261502244311267670280443278298264837248326226793211699....Furnishings and durable household equipment
61001 1/6   DREQRX0....Recreational goods and vehicles1999-2012410850370503336804303775308742298972268788237637209327181585160652....Recreational goods and vehicles
71002 1/6   DODGRX0....Other durable goods1999-2012183637173672164876158174166497172196164427153326142773131131119881....Other durable goods
81003 1/6   DNDGRX0..Nondurable goods1999-201222967952265971222353521751262214659223932622021672132331206365019985421931107..Nondurable goods
91004 2/9   DFXARX0..Food and beverages purchased for
..off-premises consumption
1999-2012809381798831786471769958781866791281780821757613729766713257697031..Food and beverages purchased for off-premises consumption
101005 1/6   DCLORX0....Clothing and footwear1999-2012338872334950322664306499322312323901317445306770291162278318265228....Clothing and footwear
111006 1/9   DGOERX0....Gasoline and other energy goods1999-2012271468275221282220284500283403296838297429297997299290296758296443....Gasoline and other energy goods
121007 1/6   DONGRX0....Other nondurable goods1999-2012885073861569832974814169828317825151803343765910740594709548675748....Other nondurable goods
131008 1/6   DSERRX0Services1999-201269826726871126672717766444956700632665040965197636349438615410859656175839992Services
141009 1/6   DHCERX0..Household consumption expenditures
..(for services)
1999-201266893896592033644887763684786427132640921062849546143369594668657617195649906..Household consumption expenditures (for services)
151010 1/6   DHUTRX0....Housing and utilities1999-201219435961928407190425518809931860103184077818231871788366171790616759821653822....Housing and utilities
161011 1/9   DHLCRX0....Health care1999-201217383671693290164918916273801598825156323315252451490444144226613925221355577....Health care
171012 1/9   DTRSRX0....Transportation services1999-2012297989294311287109289695321283339008335529334702331523322948320820....Transportation services
181013 1/6   DRCARX0....Recreation services1999-2012394383388797380956376000388972392074377427364675355787338353327300....Recreation services
191014 2/9   DFSARX0..Food services and accommodations1999-2012656782634037609606600334626109632592624667605102584207561600541717..Food services and accommodations
201015 2/9   DIFSRX0..Financial services and insurance1999-2012746020755965733929718955737423742536720065704086668733643080641679..Financial services and insurance
211016 1/6   DOTSRX0....Other services1999-2012911946896727883779875121894253898672879353856597848438830081810740....Other services
221017 2/9   DNPIRX0Final consumption expenditures of
nonprofit institutions serving
households (NPISHs)1
1999-2012293626278899278284276017273598242909236607209946210320206318194166Final consumption expenditures of nonprofit institutions serving households (NPISHs)
231018 2/9   DNPERX0..Gross output of nonprofit institutions21999-2012113209510999661086020107256410552061022197999078961660938378914422896040..Gross output of nonprofit institutions
241019 2/9   DNPSRX0..Less: Receipts from sales of goods
..and services by nonprofit institutions3
1999-2012838753820910807713796547781544780883764112755626730999710687706713..Less: Receipts from sales of goods and services by nonprofit institutions
251020 1/6   DPCCRX0..PCE excluding food and energy41999-201292335429004077874562985733488722543872812785212308249886796055676452937403739..PCE excluding food and energy
261021 1/6   DNRGRX0..Energy goods and services51999-2012483796492635504009499633496317514712511041517902513927509357504118..Energy goods and services
271022 1/6   DPCMRX0..Market-based PCE61999-201293317079115841888006687055038848180889785486955978457300816869978684697629398..Market-based PCE
281023 1/6   DPCXRX0..Market-based PCE excluding food and
1999-201280485867829063759019874363067571962759086774023427179494692363266474776432748..Market-based PCE excluding food and energy
291024 1/3   DPHCRX0Household consumption expenditures71999-20121022418810012136975753095669229725743979409395797569320816899750686615078408784Household consumption expenditures
301025 1/3   DCAFRX0..Clothing footwear and related services1999-2012353959349860337500321609338689341252335399324969309795297381284696..Clothing footwear and related services
311026 1/3   DHUFRX0..Housing utilities and fuels1999-201219592051947107192643219052641880502186475618469111813843174670117056391683168..Housing utilities and fuels
321027 1/3   DFHHRX0..Furnishings household equipment and
..routine household maintenance
1999-2012474170450576429354409812443844458032452391435063413768384105360766..Furnishings household equipment and routine household maintenance
331028 1/3   DHLTRX0..Health1999-201221339742081425202752720009181966873192562718694311812491175542316913491634624..Health
341029 1/3   DTRNRX0..Transportation1999-201291025488683187035886698192180899971198981010036071004729980979965257..Transportation
351030 1/3   DCMCRX0..Communication1999-2012269144255537240263230566234354222637200667185388177265167228160963..Communication
361031 1/3   DRRLRX0..Recreation1999-20121019082963289911418861781885977878243826411770873718155661022618369..Recreation
371032 1/3   DEDURX0..Education1999-2012239311237252233937229051230580230245228286226973227758232845234907..Education
381033 1/3   DOISRX0..Other goods and services1999-2012703620691592680289672713705694715794705388685674667972642765616536..Other goods and services
391034 1/3   DNFTRX0..Net foreign travel and expenditures
..abroad by U.S. residents
1999-2012-41000-35290-28002-21020-30258-17869-5897-6649-1144-1640-1691..Net foreign travel and expenditures abroad by U.S. residents
1. Net expenses of NPISHs defined as their gross operating expenses less primary
sales to households.
to government and to the rest of the world; excludes own-account investment
(construction and software).
2. Gross output is net of unrelated sales secondary sales and sales to business
3. Excludes unrelated sales secondary sales and sales to business to government
and to the rest of the world; includes membership dues and fees.
food services which include purchased meals and beverages are not classified
as food.
4. Food consists of food and beverages purchased for off-premises consumption;
5. Consists of gasoline and other energy goods and of electricity and gas services.
6. Market-based PCE is a supplemental measure that is based on household expenditures
(for example financial services furnished without payment) and the final consumption
for which there are observable price measures.  It excludes most imputed transactions
expenditures of nonprofit institutions serving households.
nonprofit institutions and the rest of the world.
7. Consists of household purchases of goods and services from business government
Note. Chained (2009) dollar series are calculated as the product of the chain-type
quantity index and the 2009 current-dollar value of the corresponding series divided
by 100. Because the formula for the chain-type quantity indexes uses weights of more
than one period the corresponding chained-dollar estimates are usually not additive.