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5.2.3U.Real Gross & Net Dom Investment by Major Type Quantity Indexes na 1988-13 q3 na
5.2.5U.Gross & Net Dom Investment by Major Type na 2000-13 q3 na
5.2.6U.Real Gross & Net Dom Investment by Major Type Chained $s na 2000-13 q3 na
5.4.4U.Price Indexes for Private Fixed Investment in Structures by Type na 1959-13 q3 1959-12
5.4.5U.Private Fixed Investment in Structures by Type na 1959-13 q3 1959-12
5.4.6U.Real Private Fixed Investment in Structures by Type Chained $s na 1999-13 q3 1999-12
5.5.4U.Price Indexes for Private Fixed Investment in Equipment by Type na 1959-13 q3 1959-12
5.5.5U.Private Fixed Investment in Equipment by Type, na 1959-13 q3 1959-12
5.5.6U.Real Private Fixed Investment in Equipment by Type Chained $s na 1959-13 q3 1959-12
5.7.5AM1.Change in Private Inv by Industry1967-97 Dec na na
5.7.5AM2.Change in Book Value by Industry1967-97 Dec na na
5.7.5AM3.Inventory Valuation Adjustment by Industry1967-97 Dec na na
5.7.5AU1.Change in Private Inv by Industry na 1967-97 q4 na
5.7.5AU2.Change in Book Value by Industry na 1967-97 q4 na
5.7.5AU3.Inventory Valuation Adjustment by Industry na 1967-97 q4 na
5.7.5BM1.Change in Private Inv by Industry1997-13 Sep na na
5.7.5BM2.Change in Book Value by Industry1997-13 Sep na na
5.7.5BM3.Inventory Valuation Adjustment by Industry1997-13 Sep na na
5.7.5BU1.Change in Private Inv by Industry na 1997-13 q3 1997-12
5.7.5BU2.Change in Book Value by Industry na 1997-13 q3 1997-12
5.7.5BU3.Inventory Valuation Adjustment by Industry na 1997-13 q3 1997-12
5.7.6AM.Change in Real Private Inv by Industry,1967-97 Dec na na
5.7.6AU.Change in Real Private Inv by Industry na 1967-97 q4 na
5.7.6BM.Change in Real Private Inv by Industry1997-13 Sep na na
5.7.6BU.Change in Real Private Inv by Industry na 1997-13 q3 1997-12
5.11U.Capital Transfers Paid & Received by Sector & by Type na 1959-13 q3 na

Table 5.4.6U. Real Private Fixed Investment in Structures by Type Chained Dollars .   Quarterly (igrp=41)
  BEA published 2013-December-6.   This file written 12/10/2013 11:09:17 PM.
  FULL DATA HERE (csv) -> nipa_5__4__6uq.csv   Data from 1999 I to 2013 III. LOC 48 variables.

  Monthly     Quarterly     Yearly  
ivar-gang code Quarterly range
all data (csv)
2013.3 2013.2 2013.1 2012.4 2012.3 2012.2 2012.1 2011.4 2011.3 2011.2 2011.1 Var
12917 2/2   A349RX0....Private fixed investment in
1999-2013 q3930299901592869045887370849849829864816996789252764818735583707543....Private fixed investment in structures
22918 2/2   B009RX0Nonresidential1999-2013 q3438731424813407933439447421994415960409047402193388933365347339754Nonresidential
32919 2/2   W001RX0..Commercial and health care1999-2013 q310653110195610332810345910436010144210002198178973789407689549..Commercial and health care
42920 2/2   W031RX0....Office11999-2013 q33420432250329533348932648299012986729184278622699625754....Office
52921 2/2   W032RX0....Health care1999-2013 q33499433547341083386535670365603583934718344663284133156....Health care
62922 2/2   C311RX0......Hospitals and special care1999-2013 q32798026087267352686928030292672901327849278472702427065......Hospitals and special care
72923 2/2   W033RX0........Hospitals1999-2013 q32410222197228482294323477246882445323687240672391724132........Hospitals
82924 2/2   W034RX0........Special care1999-2013 q338763889388539244551457745584160377931072933........Special care
92925 2/2   W035RX0......Medical buildings1999-2013 q370147460737369967640729368266869661858176091......Medical buildings
102926 2/2   W036RX0....Multimerchandise shopping1999-2013 q31510213685133911355014300148221490714073136401352012553....Multimerchandise shopping
112927 2/2   W037RX0....Food and beverage establishments1999-2013 q350575766586855255602550555105434573152974703....Food and beverage establishments
122928 2/2   W038RX0....Warehouses1999-2013 q383517657768674306812637465376480703867636070....Warehouses
132929 2/2   W039RX0....Other commercial21999-2013 q387328953923195059294833274028307865886637363....Other commercial
142930 2/2   C307RX0..Manufacturing1999-2013 q34910643973463844703145209445964326044415423283740132357..Manufacturing
152931 2/2   W003RX0..Power and communication1999-2013 q383202826057624010159385641822038264779578781247226466270..Power and communication
162932 2/2   W028RX0....Power1999-2013 q37043569811636298706970784673876794465309629155687050674....Power
172933 2/2   C571RX0......Electric1999-2013 q35741256336488907406758591545795392351832502494532039767......Electric
182934 2/2   W029RX0......Other power1999-2013 q31322113628146841355912496129831410013575127881164810952......Other power
192935 2/2   C314RX0....Communication1999-2013 q31292412946127301473714982149291483014395152681536215461....Communication
202936 2/2   E318RX0..Mining exploration shafts and wells1999-2013 q313450313113812263212311712374412577612371612097211282210445297931..Mining exploration shafts and wells
212937 2/2   C319RX0....Petroleum and natural gas1999-2013 q31254111227831146341137281143981165631147811124451046239654990284....Petroleum and natural gas
222938 2/2   C320RX0....Mining1999-2013 q390628302795693849338919389098489817678997654....Mining
232939 2/2   W004RX0..Other structures1999-2013 q36606365534601386267663080622455943359248584175748354062..Other structures
242940 2/2   C309RX0....Religious1999-2013 q331073387373936133812388540304072446343174640....Religious
252941 2/2   W044RX0....Educational and vocational1999-2013 q31503915962148451538716177159621592415277146971438313505....Educational and vocational
262942 2/2   W045RX0....Lodging1999-2013 q31787816681146191505714080137041197711579106181060110493....Lodging
272943 2/2   W046RX0....Amusement and recreation1999-2013 q377147020642570777399695170518370890089587415....Amusement and recreation
282944 2/2   W047RX0....Transportation1999-2013 q3117791143810647111371122111227101819872940089968947....Transportation
292945 2/2   W048RX0......Air1999-2013 q3945106610051203105010581122802656691323......Air
302946 2/2   W049RX0......Land31999-2013 q3108601040796759982102061020491049090875583208614......Land
312947 2/2   C316RX0....Farm1999-2013 q367916893683768847112727671896920723770286033....Farm
322948 2/2   W050RX0....Other41999-2013 q333763786279029772822281726942887297832883361....Other
332949 2/2   C321RX0....Brokers' commissions on sale of
1999-2013 q327292658262129102793274327062646256923992185....Brokers' commissions on sale of structures
342950 2/2   E322RX0....Net purchases of used structures1999-2013 q3-2568-2579-2599-2605-2616-2612-2609-2614-2638-2675-2724....Net purchases of used structures
352951 2/2   A012RX0Residential1999-2013 q3491680476890461233447778427710413694407799386794375677370145367733Residential
362952 2/2   A943RX0..Permanent site1999-2013 q3194479191358184307172328157756147329138399128056124890121118121592..Permanent site
372953 2/2   A944RX0....Single-family structures1999-2013 q3162554160473155802146417134628126607120766111749109480107231108243....Single-family structures
382954 2/2   C292RX0....Multifamily structures1999-2013 q33229831232288042618123374209551787316524156251411513600....Multifamily structures
392955 2/2   A863RX0..Other structures1999-2013 q3297677286065277423275791270148266461269371258658250718248925246073..Other structures
402956 2/2   A945RX0....Manufactured homes1999-2013 q351985227412542604880496043625004481545673188....Manufactured homes
412957 2/2   C295RX0....Dormitories1999-2013 q336003166321232612999279627352247237322371898....Dormitories
422958 2/2   A946RX0....Improvements1999-2013 q3163492158551155553155412153578154181160211155727148780151785149285....Improvements
432959 2/2   A758RX0....Brokers' commissions and other
....ownership transfer costs5
1999-2013 q312967512329011872611702911258410804010508398169975559317895416....Brokers' commissions and other ownership transfer costs
442960 2/2   A759RX0....Net purchases of used structures1999-2013 q3-2949-2965-3006-3065-3005-2907-2735-2487-2559-2916-3558....Net purchases of used structures
452961 2/2   A971RX0Residual1999-2013 q3-3100-2800-2600-500-1500-1300-500-500-100-700Residual
462962 2/2   W040RX0..Private fixed investment in new
1999-2013 q3804031781726753817773442740456724832714707693469670012645666616546..Private fixed investment in new structures
472963 2/2   A771RX0....Nonresidential structures61999-2013 q3438558424724407905439136421813415824408947402158389002365622340292....Nonresidential structures
482964 2/2   A756RX0....Residential structures71999-2013 q3365310356848345762334130318476308837305631291183280908279913276049....Residential structures
1. Consists of office buildings except those constructed at manufacturing sites and those constructed by power utilities for 
their own use.
Includes all financial buildings.
auto dealerships garages service stations drug stores restaurants mobile structures and other structures used
for commercial purposes.  Bus or truck garages are included in transportation.
2. Includes buildings and structures used by the retail wholesale and selected service industries.  Consists of
3. Consists primarily of railroads.
4. Includes water supply sewage and waste disposal public safety highway and street and conservation and development.
5. Consists of brokers' commissions on the sale of residential structures and adjoining land title insurance
engineering services.
state and local documentary stamp taxes attorney fees title abstract and escrow fees and fees for surveys and
6. Excludes net purchases of used structures and brokers' commissions on the sale of structures.
7. Excludes net purchases of used structures and brokers' commissions and other ownership transfer costs.
NOTE. Chained (2009) dollar series are calculated as the product of the chain-type quantity
index and the 2009 current-dollar value of the corresponding series divided by 100. Because
the formula for the chain-type quantity indexes uses weights of more than one period the
corresponding chained-dollar estimates are usually not additive.